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Welcome back to Young Star House!

We reopened the program on August 10, 2020. Although the risk in our region remains low, we are taking some precautions around the risk of pandemic infection.

Covid-19 Testing:

One precaution that we have implemented is that all clients admitted to the program who have any signs of illness or have been exposed to someone who is confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19, must complete a covid-19 testing at an authorized assessment centre. 


All people attending the facility will be subject to basic screening before being admitted into the building. Outside visitors will be asked to wear a mask while in the building.

Note: On admission day, if the client or escorting staff/guardian exhibit indicators of illness with symptoms consistent with Covid-19, the admission will be rejected.

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Welcome to Young Star House


Young Star House is an organization that provides therapeutic programming and training to youth from the northern region of Ontario.

Our program, located on Off Lake in the Rainy River District, is a group care home that has been providing structured, culturally sensitive care and client-centered therapeutic programming to northern children for over 40 years.

As an organization with programs that meet the needs of so-called “hard-to-serve” youth, we have the experience needed to encourage positive change and goal setting. Our 10-month program runs from mid-August until the end of June each year. We provide a DBT-informed  and Trauma-informed practice that is client-centered and focuses around building resilience and coping streategies in the face of oftentimes stressful circumstances. We build on youth's enherent strengths to help them set, orient-toward and achieve their own personal goals. 


Friday, September 25, 2020

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