Primary Caregiver Integration and Counselling Program

Young Star House has introduced a new Primary Caregiver Integration and Counselling Program (PCIC Program). That is, parents and primary caregivers are able to attend our lakehouse annex home as a "home visit" for 3 to 6 days to visit with their child. While they are in the home we provide meals, entertainment and transportation to town for a family community based "outing". While attending the caregivers will participate in a formal Plan of Care meeting and engage with staff to discuss planning, parental skills development and discuss strategies that work and do not work with their child. Further, family counselling will be available to address the past, build bridges and develop a strategem for moving forward.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bed Availability

Young Star House currently has


1 Bedspace Available

for our 
Current program year

ending June 30, 2020


 Note: There is currently a wait list
Please give us a call regarding the wait list status.

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