Professional Counselling

As a client-centered program we must ensure that the needs of a child in our care are best met, and as such this must include access to professional counselling. Young Star House believes that one important aspect of providing therapeutic programming is professional counselling. Our counsellor has a Master’s degree and provides a level of counselling service often not found within northern Ontario group care homes. We believe that if a child is willing to be counselled then the opportunity should be made available.

counselWe provide a direct opportunity for resident youth to address the circumstances and behaviours that brought them into care. Our counselor meets with resident youth up to two times per week in un-metered sessions. That is, when the child feels like talking the clock does not limit the session.

Our counselor has experience working with grief & loss, neglect, substance abuse, trauma and other conditions and circumstances that are unfortunately far too common with northern children.

We are also introducing a family counselling component where parents and siblings will be able to meet with our counselor and our resident youth to address family integration and support skills.


Registered Social Worker

Our therapeutic programming and extended counselling options are managed by a Registered Social Worker. She works with all of our children to assure that therapeutic programming is available to meet their needs at a level of understanding that best matches their abilities. Further, she provides more intensive counselling and programming at a one-to-one basis to children that have identified needs and safety concerns.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Bed Availability

Young Star House is currently opening

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