Community Access

Young Star House partners with community based resources to assure access to extra-curricular clubs and activities in the region. From the Stratton Curling Club, Emo Fair, Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, to wilderness exploring in the great outdoors. Young Star House seeks out opportunities to have our youth engage in learning and skills development outside the home. Some examples of community partners and activities include:

*photos are from real Young Star House activities. as such any photos with identifiable youth have been pixelated to protect their privacy.

Royal Canadian Sea Cadets:



The Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg:

IMG 4008


Boating and Tubing on local lakes:



Drumming with the Elders:



Wild Blueberry Picking:



ATV trailer rides and wilderness adventures:



Restaurant Outings:

IMG 3622

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Bed Availability

Young Star House currently has


3 Pending Bedspaces Available

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Next Program Year


 Note: We have cleared the pre-Covid19 waitlist. New referrals should be made.
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